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Ad Creatives

Free PSD Paper Poster Mockup.
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Based on research and survey conducted about gaming habits, game downloads and ad campaigns, several ad campaigns and creatives were developed, such as the poster shown above. This poster can be used at various places such as university post-boards, schools, or storefronts.


Instagram Ads Mockup. Mockuptree.

Facebook Mobile Ad Graphic Mockup. Butler Branding..

iPhone Mockup. Envato Elements.
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Social media campaigns

Automated and user-generated examples of social media campaigns for Instagram and Facebook where if a user finishes a level, they can invite other users to compete or choose to share progress automatically. 

Other traditional social media campaigns show simple yet engaging adverts of the game itself, designed keeping the brand guidelines in mind. They display the game, its features, and other aspects. 

Free Outdoor Building Wall Advertisement. Free Mockup World.
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TimeSquare BillBoard. Tech & ALL.
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Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 11.34.46

Night TV Mockup.

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Stock image turned into a mockup.

Team work.

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The mockups and images above demonstrate various use cases of the Norta game concepts. They display the use of game to network and connect, bring people closer together, using Norta to learn in a classroom – about the heritage of Navratri and the mythology. They also show how Norta can be used to relax or game casually at your own time, from the comfort of your home. To learn more, visit the Video game concept page by clicking the button below.

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