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Research and Bibliography

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The above mentioned resources explain the history, significance and very concept of Navratri. They also explain how the festival is celebrated across India as well as gives examples of certain celebrations outside the country, for example the resource
or British Columbia shows the reach of the festival. This helps me construe the amount of people from my community being deprived of their festival celebration due to the pandemic. It also helps me understand the scale at which the project can be escalated.

The fourth resource also divulges about the art for of the dance –Garba, how, why and when it is performed. Usually done by female but males are also well-known to perform it. However, when male and female perform it together it is known as “raas” in several cases. It also explores the outfits – such as “Chaniya Choli” for women, “kurta” and other dresses for men etc., as well as their significance. These resources were importanrt for me as I want to make sure my outcome is as factually correct as possible. 

School Of Flavours Ltd.” Facebook,


Taste of India Food Festival 2019

This festival was organized at the Nathan Philips Square in Toronto, Canada. It was said to atract over 75,000 people from around, including people from the Indian community and other people who simply want to try Indian food or like it. It attempted to gather the community over food by promising “Indian Food”. Furthermore, it is said to have lots of flavour and food from all across the country – therefore it is advertised as one of the most authentic festivals. However, since it was organized only for single day, not a lot of people could attend due to busy schedules. Also, while it promised “Indian Food” most of the food was not authentic, since it was the same old Naan and curries, which is North Indian cuisine particularly. Whilst they had many other dishes such as street food, biryani etc., Indian food shines when it is made the way it is locally made. It is very diverse and the single day festival failed to achieve what it claimed to achieve.


“TGES Studio”. YouTube,

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TGES Galaxy Garbi Live 2020

My highsxhool’s digital livestream was constantly broadcasted for all of the 9 days during the festival in the middle of the pandemic. They are known to produce one of the most beautiful shows throughout the state of Gujarat. They made sure to record performances from students, who partook from their own homes and sent in videos, these videos were later combined to form one mega livestream, with music and effects synced. This allowed to deliver the viewing experience. It failed to deliver the real life experience, with local shops, the night life, the live music, the interaction, the food, the lights and other aspects. These are the aspects I plan to bring alive in my execution of my idea.

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The above mentioned resources talk about how the festival of nine nights brings immense amounts of business for local businesses and shops. Several livelihoods depends on the public transport that sees a boost, clothing stores such as my father’s, food stalls, gift shops, hand looms, jewelry, pottery, and many more industries. 


It pushes us to wonder how the impact of the pandemic could be. Several businesses this year ran out of their funds and had to shut down. This causes a huge hit to the economy, as well
as unemployment and suffering for businesses.



Boisvert, Nick. COVID-19 Forces Canadian National Exhibition to Cancel 2020 Fair | CBC News. 12 May 2020, 


Cancellation of CNE meant several locals couldn’t enjoy their loved fair. It was a very disappointing moment for everyone. Imagine an event that is 10 times bigger and gets  cancelled –it is a resource that shows the importance of the celebration and organization of the festivals we love and how vital they are for small businesses. It shows how globally the pandemic has ruined the celebrations and there is a vital need for everyone to celebrate the festivals 

Visual resources, mockups, images used during the project: acknowledgements

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Abstract vector created by upklyak. Freepik.

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Durga Statue Photo. Sonika Agarwal.


Source images for clothing material was provided by my Dad’s store – Vimal Bagdai. Rajkot, Gujarat, India.


Magma Text Tutorial. YouTube.


Smoke Flying Vector.


Golden Mandala. backgroud_8998505.htm#position=6


Luxury Ornamental Mandala.


Rock Black Images 1.


Rock Black Images 2.


Old Paper.


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Glued Paper on Cement Wall Poster Mockup - Poster Mockup. Poster Mockup.


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Night TV Mockup.


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Photo by Paramraj Singh on Unsplash. Unsplash.

Landscape Book - Mockup Vol.2 by GraphicGata on Envato Elements. Envato Elements.


Landscape Book Mock-Up Set by Punedesign on Envato Elements. Envato Elements.

Student Doing a Presentation on Projector Mockup by Rawpixel on Envato Elements. Envato Elements. 

Team work.

iPhone Mockup. Envato Elements.  


Raga Chill. Envato Elements.


The Success behind the Pubg Era: A Case Study Perspective. 


Another article demonstrating why PUBG was such a success but this time they enlist something I studied in my design management course and that is Blue Ocean strategy. In gaming industry where competition is so high, large market share does not always entail large profits or adoptability. In such scenarios, companies use Blue Ocean strategy – where competing companies come up with new market segments to maximise adoptability. In that way Norta already uses Blue Ocean strategy by engaging users of all ages and providing a cultural take on gaming. It empowers businesses, so they’ll likely spread the word, similarly will adults who like cultural events and activities, and the youth who enjoy games with good graphics. 



Sinclair, Brendan. “Building PUBG Hype on a $0 Marketing Budget.” GamesIndustry.Biz, 14 Apr. 2021,

This article has an interesting subject – how PUBG was built with a $0 marketing budget. Initially known as Bluehole Ginno, which is now the PUBG corporation. They smartly understood that mid-tier game streamers needed originality, resources and strong connection to produce content. So the PUBG corporation provided the streamers with that in return for promotion for their games. A similar strategy could be developed for Norta in order to invest less in marketing.


Admin. “In to Win: Marketing and Branding for the Gaming Industry - The Logo Company.” The Logo Company, 12 Jan. 2021,

String branding and marketing is important regardless of the industry. Same applies to gaming. This article explores the ins and outs of the branding and marketing research and strategies for the industry of gaming. It provides tips on writing marketing plans and strategies, social media strategies, connecting with gamers to do content marketing (like PUBG) and tips on branding ad well. 


Betteridge, Meghan. “Brand Identity Building for Games: Why And How — Game Community Management Hub.” Game Community Management Hub, 2 Jan. 2020,

Another article exploring the ins and outs specifically for branding for gaming. How can the brand identity, image and personality be defined for gaming. How can branding and strategy in the gaming industry set you apart. It gives examples of existing games like Sky Pirate Studios.


Brownlee, Mark. “How Gaming Is Changing the Marketing and Advertising Worlds - Banfield Agency.” Banfield Agency, 1 Feb. 2020,


This article explores how gaming and games are changing the dynamics of the world of advertising. The extended use of portable and immersive platforms like mobile, virtual reality, augmented reality, advergames (games brands develop to advertise like Subway’s stop at the right mokment to gain free gift), in-game advertising and in-game economies. The in-game economies is very important in my aspect given I am developing an ecommerce platform myself. 




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